Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You know...I'm such a sap....

When it comes to twins. We have twins in the family and it skips a generation or two. Well neither my sister nor myself had twins, much to my dismay. But there are sets of twins that need homes, and then there are those who were twins and separated. That makes me sad.

Well a month or so after seeing the twins that grabbed my heart, my eyes laid on another beautiful twin girl, separated at birth by mom. She kept the one girl that was 'healthy' and left this beautiful girl, Lilya, who has just as much potential to grow up and make something of herself.

Once again, that made me very Thankful to God that I live in a country where I can choose life for my child and shortly be able to bring more children to love into my home.

Today I am Thankful that Lilya, whom I fell in love with along with my twins, is going home!!! Her forever family has found her and stepped forward to bring her home! Sweet Lilya has a Family!!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

We Have Been Rather Silent, But...

Thankful. God has been amazing to us. We have been blessed with much. Blessed with; finding Reece's Rainbow, a desire to adopt, the insight as to why things are not working out at this time, a network of medical support when we bring the girls home, but most important is our strong and enduring love for one another.

Recently I lost two wonderful aunts, both of whom would have supported this adoption process totally. One was here in CT and was a very Godly woman, never judged anyone but loved everyone unconditionally. She worked with all kinds of children throughout the school system. She is missed.

The other aunt was someone I truly looked up to while growing up. In fact, I took her name when I was confirmed in the catholic church. Once again she never judged anyone but loved everyone she met. I pray we will see her in heaven one day.

Tony showed his love for me this weekend because one funeral was in VT. Tony works between 60-70 hours a week and usually has one day off a week. He chose to take off this past Saturday, rented a car for the weekend and drove around 500 miles round trip just so I could say good-bye. I call that sacrifice, but that is something that he does on a regular basis...and causes me to feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

We also spent his entire surprise afternoon off today shopping for Thanksgiving Day dinner. He will also spend most of the day on Thursday cooking Thanksgiving dinner...because he loves me.

We consistently spend our free time together, and we don't usually get sick of spending time together...yes, sickeningly sweet, I know and I'm sorry :) I did marry my best friend!

If you are on FaceBook and are a friend of mine, you noticed recently that a status update of mine said 'loves her husband so much and thinks he is the most amazing man.' Well that is the truth, he is amazingly selfless and our twins will be so lucky to have a daddy like him! We are a very blessed couple, our love is strong and enduring! I am truly blessed and VERY Thankful!

God Bless you on this Thanksgiving Day!

A Little Late...

But Oskar is HOME!!! We are rejoicing with his new forever family!!! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wow...What A Big Day For Reece's Rainbow!!!

I have had a spotty internet connection over the past couple of weeks, so logging on and posting to my blog have not happened as much as I had hoped. But...

Today RR has had several families step up and commit to our angels! One angel is Lilya. I fell in love with her shortly after the twins because she is a twin! Her mom kept her sister and gave her up! I can't even imagine. So Tony and I had decided that after we adopt the twins, if Lilya was still available we were going back for her!!! Well WE DON'T HAVE TO!!! I am so excited for her and her new family! Then there is Timosha...he has a family now too!!!

Several of the children now have very large grants, which will make it easier for someone to commit to them! For a Friday the 13th, today was a very UN-superstitious day and very LUCKY for several of our Angels!!!

Our Savior He can move the mountains...He is Mighty to Save!!! Thank You Lord!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Forever Family Together!!!

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Once again I am blessed beyond measure as we welcome 2 more children without families into their forever family! What a blessed holiday season the Watson's will have this year!!! God isn't just Good...He is GREAT!!! Blessings to your family!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Well God Really Is In The Details, And If You Don't Believe Me...

We have been following Reece's Rainbow off and on since June of 2006. I joined again in June of this year and fell in love with the twins. We have often questioned why many things have not fallen into place in these past four months. There has been everything from not being able to find a job to having a terrible landlord to just plain having trouble with financing.

I have had a difficult time finding a job even though I am qualified to do many things. The economy stinks so we have had a difficult time with everything that affects that, employment, bills, food... I have also been hit with the worst allergy season I have had in a long time, so I have been sick lately. We also have a slumlord that hoards chemicals and everything that harms the environment, can't seem to follow the law in regards to safety, and has also tried to hit my son's car while he is in it but we aren't around as witnesses. You could say that satan is having a grand time playing at our house.

When my son Austin came home the other night he informed us that he and his girlfriend Virginia, at the urging of Virginia's mom, checked out the sex offender registry and apparently we have a sex offender living upstairs from us in this house!

had our informational meeting with our social worker on August 6th and found out that he was convicted on August 13th 2009, just a week from the day of our meeting! If we had gone forward and everything else had been great, we would have been rejected for a having a sex offender living here!

IS GOD'S TIMING PERFECT OR WHAT!!! We could have spent this whole time, all our money and resources and all and for what? I have said from the beginning that it is Gods time not our own, and here is the proof!

What an Awesome God!!!