Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well it has been quite a while and believe it or not, I'm still here. There have been many changes in my family and as well as other RR families. I am so excited that several of my friend have gone and brought their newest additions home, and I am extremely excited that one family has changed their minds and they are now in country visiting their new son, Nathan! It has been easier for us, over time, to face the fact that we have not been able to get our girls. We have not given up, we have talked about it til there was nothing more to say.

Since the economy is not helping us in any way to provide financially for a homestudy or any other obligation toward our adoption, I decided to become a licensed daycare provider in my home and any/all money I make goes directly to adoption funding. That is if there is a call for more daycare providers...we'll see.

We are also moving ahead to become license by the state to foster/adopt. We both feel that we are going to take steps, even baby steps, to get this going. My heart breaks for them, and any child that we could conceivably adopt, that they aren't home here with us and that precious time is being wasted.

Lets see...things that happened in two and a half months. Thanksgiving: had a nice time visiting with family. December 20th: picked up Cale from the airport for Christmas vacation. Had a wonderful time with him home...I miss having my children home. January: SuperBowl, and then had to put my wonderful black beauty bunny, Middie, to sleep...suddenly. That was crushing. Then I realized that time, precious time, is passing right before our eyes.

We are praying for God's timing in these plans. Our classes begin next Tuesday evening. Please pray with us that everything works out, I think I have a better shot at being licensed as a daycare provider at the same time we are going through our training classes.

Well, I'm heading to bed hopefully with wonderful dreams of filling our home with children again. Have a wonderful night, and please pray with us.