Monday, October 1, 2012

Repurposing...For Now...

After my birthday in May, we had a wonderful shower for my son's fiance in June! I had a lot of help from some very dear friends...and it went off without a hitch and she was wonderfully surprised!!!

Then there was July...

I was supposed to go to Washington DC for the National Down Syndrome Conference to meet a friend and help her out watching her two sons while she attended the conference. I was so totally looking forward to going, even had my ticket to go, but ended up not going at the last minute due to a severe migraine...Day 3 of 5 that particular month :(  . I could see myself on the bus for 3 hours, getting sick or lost in NYC and then facing another 5 hours to DC, only to have to walk a few blocks to the hotel and then to still have a headache and nausea the next morning. Not my idea of being any kind of help or company. I just prayed she would understand. Disappointment #1 in July.

Disappointment #2 came a week later when Tony lost his job. So, here we find ourselves, once again, with our adoption ON HOLD. This is one heck of a test of our faith, let me tell you!

Our August was difficult as unemployment is tough, going without any kind of pay for a month. Our oldest son Chris was married to Terri on August 18th with Tony officiating! That was a blessing as were all of our friends that participated.

We just finished getting through September, and I have been trying to decide how to use our blog to bless others while we wait on our Lord to bless us with our adoption. So, since it is October 1st and October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, I think I will try to blog everyday. I have decided to focus on at least 2 moms I know that have agreed to allow me to share their story. I will start tomorrow!

Today is just to update you and ask for your prayers for our beautiful girls in Serbia. Pray that either they have been scooped up already and are living with a family that cherishes them as much as we do (and that He has just the right child waiting there for us), or that God is protecting them from harm, preserving them for us on that day that we can scoop them up in our arms to love and protect them with our love.

Thanks and God Bless!

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