Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And Yet Another Celebration!

We just celebrated a landmark in our history on May 20th, and will again on September 19th...a 50th Birthday! We really can't wait to celebrate another landmark in our family history other than anniversaries and 50th birthdays, the celebration of new editions to our family! So these are the times we celebrate until then...

My Birthday was Sunday. My parents and sister planned a party for me...for years I said I was 29, or 39 depending on how old my oldest was...I am only going to admit this one time...from now on "age is just a number and mines unlisted!" Just remember that next time you think to ask! ;D

Here is the table setting at my parents home

My cake and balloon holder :)
here is a close up of my cake...notice the Pink Panther? Mom said he was looking for my youth!

Here is my gift from Tony, a cordless drill and bits!!! Yes, I LOVED that!!! I was not the least bit offended...

Small gift from mom...'How the #*@!! did i get to be 50!!' is what it says!!! Way too funny!!! And some money that will be used at Hobby Lobby!!!

Here is my beautiful stained glass Tiffany Butterfly lamp from my sister!!! It is absolutely gorgeous! I always wanted a Tiffany lamp!

Here is a plate to commemorate my day!

And blowing out the candles...can any of you guess what my wish was???? Starts with a g and ends with irls!! And remember, I am now 43...for the moment anyway! :)

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  1. Happy Birthday!! Belated, sorry! I hope that all your dreams come true this year!! And you and I know what one is at least! :) Enjoy being "43"!!!