Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Year, New Changes, New Promises...

I can't believe how long it's been since I blogged. Way too long, I know. Many changes are on the horizon...and they all promise to be very exciting...but let me catch you up.

First, in July, we went to Louisville to see our son Cale and for Tony to have an interview. The interview went well but the guy wouldn't commit to a job until Tony moved. Well, we aren't going to move unless he has a job, soooo...we didn't move. We had a good visit with Cale and learned we missed living there, a little.

Then, we've been patiently waiting on God to make necessary changes to complete our adoption plans.


We had the worst blizzard in Connecticut and power was out for 6 days.

Tony was asked if he would move back to the Manchester Monro store to straighten it out. His RM fired the manager of that store, manager for over 25 years, and the store went down hill from there. They wanted him to turn the store around to make it a million dollar store asap, that is what it was when they fired the manager. Tony tried.

We found out that our landlord was a worse person than we originally thought...we started looking at housing changes quickly after that.


Although Tony moved back to Manchester to work, it was a lesson in futility...he kept trying to bring that store back, the pressure to succeed was huge, stress was increased. We just kept praying and trusting...

Kept looking for an apartment. Kept praying for safety and peace, trusting that God would see us through...


Found our new apartment home! We met with our future landlords on the 15th and signed the lease and spent the next 4 days moving, with the help of my son Chris, his girlfriend and a couple of longtime friends. We were fully moved in on December 18.

On the 20th, a new friend, someone who read and followed my blog, contacted me to tell me she had seen our girls listed on another site! So, when Tony got home, I told him and we discussed it, for about one minute, and we knew we needed to start the process and go get them. WHAT A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT!!! Merry Christmas to us!!! Thank you Christine!

We had a quiet Christmas morning, missing our sons, hoping that next year we will have little ones again in our house to enjoy Christmas morning...then we spent the rest of the day at my parents house, enjoying a small Christmas there too. We really do hope next year is more noisy!


Happy New Year!! Tony worked, I didn't do very much...

5th-asked for prayer for the future...received more response than expected. So blessed beyond words!

Pressure continues for Tony as he tried to turn his store around.

Still enjoying living in our new place!


Early in the month, nothing to report.

Tony applied for quite a few jobs through the month, he receives a couple of call backs, two interviews. One job, at a dealership, seemed promising. It wouldn't be until March 19th. Tony would have loved to be out of Monro by the 16th because of the worsening pressure on him and other managers. We continued to pray.

Tony received a call for a second interview at the dealership on the 22nd, they wanted to hire him.

Saturday, 25th, Tony was laid off. Seems they wanted the store to become a million dollar store in less than 4 months...yeah, sure, in this economy? Good bye Monro...

The girls turned 9 years old on the 27th, Happy Birthday Sweethearts!!

29th-Happy Leap Day! Tony was told that they wanted him to start at the dealership but they had to find out exactly when the guy that Tony is replacing is leaving. They would let him know by the end of the week.


Friday, 2nd, Tony was told he was starting his new job on March 12th! Praise God!!! are up to date! God is so Faithful! In a matter of a couple of months, we have a safe home, on a quiet street with nice landlords. Tony now has a new job! Here are the highlights of his new job:

He will work 44 hours a week, 4 days working with 3 days off- was working 65 hours with 1 1/2 days off. That means that he will be home enough to be a dad to them! And he has ALL holidays off!!!

He will make enough, like 'an additional income', as if I was working, which means I only have to focus on temp work to help bring the girls home. When they get here, I won't have to work so I can focus all my energy on them!

God is so full of Blessings! We are now focusing our prayers on starting the process to get those beautiful girls they can know the love and blessing of a family! If you are a pray-er, please pray for us, and them!!


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