Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Whirlwind of Inactivity

Really, it has been. I know it sounds funny but that totally describes the last eight months of our lives...but this too will change soon.

So, I think I'm seeing a definite pattern in our lives here. Here is the short of it. Things are still changing, but for the better. We still need patience and all of your prayers...

We did finish the adoption/foster classes, while waiting for our license we realized we financially aren't prepare at the moment to bring kids into our family, so we are waiting, AGAIN. But slowly I'm realizing that it has to be in God's time, not mine. I see that a few short years ago we had a desire to adopt, and that desire has not left. We moved to Kentucky for seminary and he ended up not being able to attend due to calendar conflicts and finances. Tony tried to find a new job in Louisville after the economy took a nose dive in '08 but didn't find anything, so when the opportunity came up to go back to CT, he thought he was doing the right thing by taking a management job there. We are seeing now that that was probably not God's Plan but one of our own making. Since we've come back we don't feel like we belong here...kind of out of sync, bad timing if you will. We had been given some advice after we were in KY for a year, 'pray about it, but stay there and wait, it will work. We were sure that was God's Plan when we saw the timing of this move, you'll be fine. Stay and work it out.' Really wish we had listened.

So, the past month and a half, my mind has been playing tricks on me. When Tony and I are talking about going to a particular restaurant or store here in town, sometimes my mind visualizes that place in Louisville and I start thinking of driving, but not the streets here in CT but the ones in KY! Weird! I am beginning to feel a desire to be there, not here...that desire is what happened when we moved to KY the first time. We are feeling a pull/draw back, and we would not be upset with that change either!

So one Monday afternoon, about a week and a half ago, while I was sleeping off a migraine, Tony went on line, as usual lately, to look for a job. He did his usual search here in CT, didn't find anything different so he decided to search elsewhere...Tampa, near our son Austin, places in NC and Louisville, 'just for ha-ha's'. Well he applied for a job at a big tire retail company looking for management jobs in Louisville. He told me when I woke up. I said okay, let's see what God does with that one.

That Tuesday morning he called me from work to tell me he had just come off the phone with the hiring manager of that company he applied to, the guy, his name sounded familiar to both of us, was interest in him, he told him to send a resume and he'd get back to him. Tony sent him his resume that night and heard back from him the next day and told him to give him a call when Tony gets to Louisville for vacation, July 31-August 3!

Details, the manager is a member of a mega-church in Louisville, the company is not open on Sundays, there are 13 new stores under construction right now and each store employs at least 12 people. This guy is a real christian, Tony has had to work in at Monro anywhere from 1-3 Sundays a month which really crushes family time, and Tony shoulders almost the entire store, employing 4...and in CT's dying economy, he also shoulders the wrath of upper management of the chain which blames the manager, not the economy. No wonder the guy is losing weight and looks like he's 60 instead of his age!

We are seeing this as a positive change for us, and if this is the Plan that God has in store for us, we welcome it! Maybe we will be in a position to bring home a child or children in the foreseeable future? If that is really what God is going to do for us, we welcome that too! But I'm learning not to push my wants and desires on God, but to wait for Him to we feel like we're 'in sync' again!

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