Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Fathers Day, And More...

I have to say this has been a tough month. Nothing too difficult, just lots of stuff...and tomorrow is Fathers Day!

Fathers Day is going to be rather melancholy for me. Tony is going to work because our sons are not going to be here, Chris is working, Austin is in Kentucky at a christian concert, and Cale is still in Kentucky, so Tony has no reason to be home...this year! :) He gave his assistant the day off so he could spend it with his little ones, and I'm just dreaming of next year when the girls will be bringing him breakfast in bed and then going to church with their new forever daddy! That is soo exciting! :D

Tomorrow is also a very important anniversary in our lives...June 20th was the day that Tony said I could look into Reece's Rainbow again, I did and saw these two beautiful faces looking back at me asking to come home. It's the day I texted Tony and asked if we could have two instead of one that they are twins, and he said sure write to Andrea and ask about I did! Tomorrow is a very important day in our lives and the lives of our new girls. June 20th will always be a very important day to me, as will when we submitted our paper work to Andrea, our travel day, our gotcha day, the day the get home, their birthdays...our lives are about to change and we can't wait!!! :D

Well, I'm off to clean my house, again...I'd like to wish every dad that reads my blog an incredible Fathers Day!!!

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